MAKInterface is a universal interface, capable to connect various devices to the PC and can be used for:

Smartcard reader / writer for Whitewafer, Goldwafer, PicCard2, FunCard, Jupiter, DSS, GSM-cards, phonecards and compatible smartcard emulators. Integrated is a exchangeable 3.579545MHz oscillator, which can be easily replaced by a 6.0MHz crystal.

Smartcard logger / emulator - Season7, ASIM, etc. compatible; Emulation of GSM, D2Mac, etc.; Data Interception between the smartcard and the master device; Emulation of Whitewafer, Goldwafer, Jupiter1, Funcard and other smartcards

Programming of Atmel MCU, DataFlash, EEprom, PIC, hopping encoder / decoder, Fuse Rom, ...

Connection PC - GSM phones, configuration, programming and management

Memory-management and control of amateur radios / scanner

Connection of magneticstripe card readers, temperature-sensors, AD-converter, and every other TTL devices to the PC

Decoding Pocsag, FMS, due to integrated high quality Hamcom compatible FSK decoder

Diagnostic and configuration of cars, which posses a ALDL 8192/160 baud interface

Due to the various opportunities of jumper-settings, MAKInterface is compatible to the most used programmers as CBUS, DumbMouse, FBUS, Harpune, JDM, LudiPipo, M2BUS, Phoenix, Season7, SmartMouse and all this without any external power supply. So it is possible to use a almost unlimited library of free software from the internet, for almost any application.